About Our Wines

As a boutique wholesale operation, Mariposa Fine Wine & Spirits occupies a special niche. Under the direction of CEO Judith Fabre McDonough, the company brings you fine wines from family vineyards around the globe. Offer your customers Italian, Australian, and French wine that you can find only from this distributor.

Your taste buds travel places your feet have never walked with fine wine and spirits from our wholesaler.


Two of our favorite past vintners include Vincent Lataste and Hewitson.


Vincent Lataste

Made of grapes grown in the Bordeaux region of France, wine from these vineyards has its own personality and character. In harmony with products made from the Earth, this vintner is certified as an organic farmer, adding another layer of quality and authenticity to the product. These family vineyards have been growing grapes for wine since 1980.


Australian wine from Hewitson comes from vineyards in South Australia that are revered as the home of some of the oldest vines in the world. These include vineyards and the winery in the Barossa Valley, as well as vineyards in Eden Valley, the Adelaide Hills, and McLaren Vale. The rich local soil and the growing seasons are expressed in the taste of the wines themselves, giving them a unique flavor.

Contact Judith Fabre McDonough of Mariposa Fine Wine & Spirits today to find out more about wines from Vincent Lataste and Hewitson.